MoGo Winter Frost { Long-Lasting Flavor, Game After Game After Game... }
MoGo Mouthguard Winter Frost
MoGo Mouthguard Carry Case
MoGo Mouthguard Winter FrostMoGo Mouthguard Carry Case

Now Introducing MOGO Winter Frost Flavor

As a special treat for the holidays, MoGo presents Winter Frost, a limited edition flavor available exclusively online! The Winter Frost mouthguard features a refreshing blend of a cool citrus flavor to keep you refreshed while you play. As with all MoGo mouthguards, MoGo’s revolutionary flavor technology adds flavor directly to plastic – instead of being coated or sprayed. The result is the freshest tasting sports mouthguard ever, and the flavor lasts game after game after game...


*Each Winter Frost Mouthguard comes with a FREE carry case!

  • ​Exceptional design allows for maximum comfort, performance, protection & breathability
  • ​The flavor is made from all-natural ingredients
  • ​All flavors and materials are FDA compliant & BPA free
  • ​Quick-release tether included
  • ​Not designed for braces
  • $10,000 Dental Warranty

Adult Size: 12 Years and Older

Youth Size: 11 Years and Younger



Made in the USA.

Price: $11.99

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