MoGo Mouthguard FAQ's

​​MoGo Sport Mouthguard FAQ’s

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Q. How many MoGo Mouthguards are there?
A: The M1 
MoGo Sport Mouthguard currently comes in six flavors: Bubble Gum, Blue Raspberry, Mint, Orange, Fruit Punch and Lemon, two styles (black or clear) and two sizes (adult or youth).  There is also a braces model available in three flavors: Fruit Punch, Orange and Bubble Gum, one size (10+) and two styles (black or color).  Lastly, there is a higher end boil and bite called in M3 that comes in one size (adult 11+) and three flavors: Wild Berry Mix, Strawberry Blast and Citrus Sensation.


Q. Do MoGo Mouthguards come in different sizes?
A. Yes.
MoGo offers both Adult (Age 12 and up) and Youth (Age 11 and under) sizes.  The braces model comes in one size (Age 10 and up).


Q. Where are MoGo Mouthguards made?
MoGo mouthguards are manufactured and packaged in the USA.


Q. ​What do you need to mold a MoGo Mouthguard?

A. In order to fit a MoGo mouthgaurd, you need a bowl of boiling water, a bowl of ice water, a glass of room-temperature water, a mirror, and a watch with seconds display


Q. What is the proper way to mold a MoGo Mouthguard?

​A. When fitting your MoGo Mouthguard, it is important to use the correct water temperature to soften the mouthguard.  The water should be approximately 180 degrees fahrenheit (equivalent to the temperature of water used for coffee or hot tea).  Submerge the mouthguard for no more than 40 to 50 seconds.  For a full description, please visit our fitting instructions page.


Q. Do MoGo Mouthguards come with a tether or strap?
A. Yes. Every
MoGo mouthguard comes with a quick release tether.  You can use the tether to attach the MoGo mouthguard to your helmet or facemask.  If you do not need a tether, you can discard it after using it to fit the mouthguard (see the MoGo Fitting Instructions included in the package for more details).


Q: Will Mogo Mouthguards be available in other flavors?
A: Yes. We are currently developing additional flavors which will be available in the near future. Please visit the
MoGo Facebook page and tell us your favorite flavor and vote for the next  MoGo flavor.


Q: How do MoGo Mouthguards get their flavor?
A: The flavor comes from a revolutionary
technology that allows MoGo to place any flavor into plastic. 


Q. Is the flavor sprayed onto the plastic?
A: No the flavor is not coated or sprayed on the plastic; it is impregnated into the plastic and the flavor lasts for nearly the life of the product. 


Q: Are MoGo Mouthguards safe?
A. Yes.  MoGo mouthguards use PolyFlav® resins that meet FDA standards for food contact and are BPA Free. PolyFlav® flavorants and flavor enhancing agents are approved for food products.


Q: Are MoGo Mouthguards FDA Compliant?
A: Yes. 
MoGo mouthguards use PolyFlav® resins that meet FDA standards for food contact and are BPA Free. PolyFlav® flavorants and flavor enhancing agents are approved for food products.


Q: Do MoGO Mouthguards contain hazardous chemicals?
A: No. The
FDA determined that flavor and materials do not contain chemicals that are considered hazardous.


Q: Was a toxicological test done to determine consumer exposure?
A: Yes an assessment was conducted on the flavor and materials by a third party agency.  The assessment determined that neither the flavor nor the materials are toxic and provide users with an acceptable level of safety.  Many of the leading
mouthguard manufacturers use the same plastic materials as MoGo to make their mouthguards.


Q: Do MoGo Mouthguards contain BPA?
A: No.
MoGo does not add any phthalates, heavy metals, or BPA.


Q. Has a nutritional analysis been done on MoGo Mouthguards?
A: Yes. A full nutritional analysis determined the following nutritional facts.
MoGo is:

  • Calorie Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Fat Free
  • Sodium Free

As we like to say, “All the flavor and none of the calories!”


Q. Are Custom-Fitted MoGo Mouthguards available?
A. Yes,
MoGo provides custom-fitting sports mouthguard and youth mouthguard materials to dentists and dental labs.  For more information, contact


Q. Where can I purchase a MoGo Mouthguard?
A.  Currently you can buy
MoGo Mouthguards online at  You can also purchase MoGo Sports Mouthguards on and some of the leading sports retail and specialty shops across the country.  Keep an eye on our news section, along with our Facebook page and Twitter page, for updates on information on MoGo Products.


Q. What is a MoGo Moment?
MoGo Moments are the happiness that comes with playing sports.  It’s the reason we keep coming back to play the next day.  It’s the reason we train so hard in the offseason and practice constantly to make ourselves better players.  Whether it’s scoring your first goal or scoring the game-winning goal, we want to see and hear about it.  Our MoGo Moments Contest is a way for athletes to share their athletic accomplishments with the rest of the MoGo Sport Community.  Visit our MoGo Moment page for more details.


Q. How Can I enter the MoGo Moment Contest?
A.  You can enter our
MoGo Moment Contest by submitting your picture or video on our Facebook Fan page along with the required information asked for. If you do not have internet access, you can enter by sending a postcard to MoGo Sport, 11 Grumman Hill Road, Wilton, CT 06897, and include your name, address and phone number.


Q. How do I become a MoGo Champion?
A.  You can become a
MoGo Champion by entering in our MoGo Moment contest on Facebook and winning our monthly contest.  Each month’s winners will be rewarded with free MoGo product or apparel (valued at $5 to $20) and be featured in our MoGo Champion section.


Q. What athletes are wearing a MoGo Mouthguards?
MoGo Mouthguards are designed for any sport, including but not limited to football, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, MMA, wrestling, field hockey, basketball, baseball, skiing, snowboarding, rugby, skateboarding, cycling, etc.  Currently there are some professional athletes wearing our mouthguards as well, including Colin Kaepernick, NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Evgeni Malkin, NHL MVP for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Steph Curry, point guard for the Golden State Warriors.


Q. Does MoGo offer a team sales program?

A. Yes - For team sales inquiries please contact and a MoGo Sport representative will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q. Will MoGo sponsor my team/event/organization?

A. MoGo partners with organizations and events that inspire and motivate the athlete in all of us. Please email us @, and provide the following details: name, organization/affiliation, dates of opportunity, and other details. Due to high volumes of requests, we may not respond to every request.


Q. What is the proper way to use the detachable tether?

A. For a detailed video description on how to use the tether, please visit our videos page at